Should I Hire A Sales Manager?

For many companies the roles of sales leader can be properly served in less than seven hours a week.

If that shocks you, hang on a second.

I coach and advise executives on how to build best-in-class sales teams. The biggest mistake I see quickly-scaling companies (in the $2–10M ARR) make is hiring a sales leader before they master the basics of building a sales team.

Every week I get approached to help an executive or founder hire their first sales leader.

Here’s my response:

Can you afford to spend $15,000 a month for six months with little to zero, or even a negative return on investment?

The answer is usually “no.”

57% of sales teams miss quota annually. That’s an indictment on sales leaders and their ability to influence salespeople and customer behaviors.

The average tenure of a sales leader is less than 18 months. The tenures are much shorter for companies hiring their first sales leader.

Not every company needs a full-time sales leader.

Instead, they need to:

  • Understand the anatomy of a successful seller in their organization, and that usually is very different from their current top performer

Seems like a lot, but it can be done in less than seven hours a week. There’s a better way to spend the $200K+ that you would have wasted on a failed sales leader experiment.

A Better Way To Scale

Instead of spending $200,000 on a sales leader that likely won’t work out, try something like this:

  • Get clear on what it takes to be a successful seller in your company and go hire 1–2 more sellers. Hold them accountable to producing results quickly. Publish and report on goals, results and opportunities to improve. Add more selling capacity. Sales leaders rarely sell. ($100,000)

In the past year I ‘ve seen a real shift in the sales leadership economy. Technology, especially that supports virtual teams has eliminated data gathering and report building from the sales leader’s day. The essence of the role is coaching, clarity and strategy. Chances are good that you or someone on your executive team, coupled with the right resources can lead your sales team in seven hours a week better than a 40-hour sales leader.

For those considering hiring their first hashtag#sales leader in 2022… Maybe read this first.

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Nigel Green

Teaching Sales Managers How To Become Indispensable C-Suite Executives 👉🏼



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